Wednesday, 5 September 2012

August Favorites

August Favorites !! 
I actually had to thinking about this post, because I really don't pay attention on what I use till it's to late.  These are the products that I saw myself grabbing and using for the time of August, all of these are drug store products. Didn't plan on it that way or  anything just mix it up sometimes is good from the high end is good that I know that I'm not running out lol :P. Well I hope you like my august favorites ♥ KT .

Johnson Baby Lotion-  This big bottle with the pump was on sale at Walmart love this lotion. Thought it was a good deal seeing that it is my everyday lotion. It's soothing to my very sensitive skin, and it leaves my skin very hydrated and soft. I like to apply this right after I get out of the shower and right before I go to bed, that way it has time to soak into my skin.

Almay Get up and Grow one coat mascara -  
I highly love this mascara, didn't think that I was going to get rid of my love for Lash Blast. This mascara is awesome! it doesn't smear or flake even if with a little eye rubbing. One thing that I was kinda skeptic about it the one coat application but really it is a one coat application, the brush has different lengths so it grabs every lash lifts and separates so you do get that spider look.

Scar Zone -
  I have to give this find to my mother, when I was a teenager I had really bad acne. This is the only thing that I found with the acne scars on my face and my shoulders. I also found that it works better than some other products out there. I like this because you can apply it  2-3 times daily and it doesn't change the coloring of your make up on top. Also it works wounds and raised scars and discolorations do to other skin problems or cuts.

Cover Girl in Country Woods 215 -
 This is my favorite quad from CG, you get matte and pearl finishes and a great vanilla shade that is great for highlight. For CG eye shadows they have came a long way since when I first started using make up, also I love how you can get this company at any drug store. They layer nicely and they are very blend-able very silky feeling to your eye. Also the staying power of these are amazing  even though I do use a primer with these they don't fade over the night or day. 

Swiss Natural's chew-able's Cranberry-
I get kidney stones and because of those and medications I get U.T.I ( urinary tract infection). So I found originally I found capsules of Cranberry extract pills in my organic section. I found it to be a little to pricey buying organic medication from a specialty store. So I was in a waiting room at where we get our nails done and saw that SWISS made a chew-able verison of the pills I was paying an arm and leg for at the organic store. So glad I found these because they are so easier to take than my other pills and way simpler to take. Don't get me wrong when I'm having a bad moment or really bad kidney stones I still take the organic form because the dose is a little stronger than the chew-able.

(L-R) Johnson's Baby Lotion , Scar zone, Cover Girl in Country Woods,
Swiss chew-able cranberry vitamins, Almay Get up and Grow mascara. 

Cover Girl - Country woods 
Scar Zone 

Almay Get up & Grow one coat mascara
Swiss chew-able 

Pump bottle of Johnson Baby Lotion

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  1. I have to try the Almay Get Up and Grow. Everyone raves about it.

    1. My mom got me the 24/7 lash blast because she knows how much I loved that mascara. I have a full tube because my new love has been this Almay one. !!

  2. Had no idea about the cranberry chewables, I am going to check that out soon. thanks :)