Friday, 24 August 2012

Sad day :(

Hey Girls! 

This is a sad day in my household for electronics that is. If you have notice I've not been doing post is much as I would this week or keeping you guys in the loop of things.My laptop has something wrong with him, and we thought it was a battery issue but it turns out that it's not. So I'll keep my blog up is much as I can it wont be a GREAT as the one your are use to seeing that all my stuff is on my laptop and not on my parents computer. So if you guys can bare with me through this hard time it would be great!! Thank god I wrote some blogs out and all I have to do is post them so that isn't so bad. At least you guys with have some stuff to read. But N&T Sunday's maybe a little off for a while. I'll keep you guys up to date on this and thank you for your understanding ♥ KT


  1. oh no that sucks about your laptop...I hope it gets working again soon!

    Found your blog through the BBU blog hop! Following through GFC and HelloCotton =)

  2. yes finally I got my laptop working not so sad any more !!