Monday, 13 August 2012

Nail/toe Sunday #5

Nail/Toe Sunday #5 

Sorry guys this is late, I wasn't home all weekend and didn't come home late on this wonderful Sunday. I can't believe it already this is #5 of one of these Nail/Toe Sunday's, the reviews I get from them have been amazing THANK YOU ! This color that I'm bringing to you is Flashbulb Fuchsia   thought it was a good transition color to summer/fall. Still fun enough for the beach/pool but dark enough for those fall days. This was like one of the first purples I bought from the O.P.I line and it will always be my go to purple!. It's got a great shine to it that's what I love about it and there is a pinky/purple undertone when in the sun. Well again girls sorry for the lateness , hope everyone had a good weekend. ♥ KT 

No flash 

Day light 


  1. What a stunning colour.And I agree,it is a nice transition colour for summer/fall.xx

  2. I really like this colour, it looks really pretty :)
    I found you through the blog love therapy blog hop and am now following.

  3. I love the colour!
    I found you through the blog hop :)

  4. love manicures, my favorite little pick me up (:

    xx stephanie

  5. hi! great post! loved it!
    you now have a new follower! ;) i found you via BlogLoveTherapy.
    Hope you get to follow my blog too!