Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nail/Toe Sunday #4 ~ with a art class !!

Hey girls it's another Sunday and you know what that means it's NAIL AND TOE COLOR !!! This time I'm doing it a little different I decided to do something a little different on my toes. I'm still going to give you the color that I used ,  but I did a design and will give you list. Also warning I have to do more designs I know my toes are not even but O well !  Also the color Funny Bunny is more an opaque white, it's more for a french nail.  If you are looking for a more white the color in O.P.I - Alpine Snow. I was kinda thinking outside of the box on this one, the only way I would do this is if I go to salon and get a pedi ! I know I got to work on my steady hand and my art lessons but I thought doing this off the top of my head I did a great job. Well I hope you like this sunday Color/ nail art. Side note to putting designs on your nails/toes with a stripping polish, let it dry completely because sometimes putting top coat will shift or bleed the color specially over white !   ♥ K
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Funny Bunny 

The Finish look !
Nail Pen also comes with a white ! 

O.P.I -
Kiss Nail Products -
Color- Club ~


  1. Funny Bunny is really pretty but I LOVE that hot pink!

  2. Loving the OPI colour....looks really classy!
    Found you via the BBU blog hop....followed ;)

  3. The colours look great together!

  4. i love funny bunny!