Thursday, 30 August 2012

EOS ( Evolution of smooth ) hand lotion FOUND IT !!!

Ladies !! 

Finally it has came to  Canada ! Took for ever to find all 3 of them we started just with the blue one but now I've found all 3 scents. We are starting to get more and more E.O.S products more and more every time I go into a drug store. They are still very pricey here in Canada but I don't mind paying for things that I know they are a great product.  My mom was the one that found them this time, they were at her work and she was waiting for the pink one to come. When we looked they only had 2 left so I bought it ( I had too ) even though I have so many lotions. I needed to know what all the hype was about with this hand lotion. So glad I did get my hands on this I LOVE IT !! it's smooth, smells great and it leaves your hands so silky feeling.  Also they are great to put in your locker for school or bag/purse, I like also that the flip top got some give so it wont burst in your purse or bag. Well I hope you like the E.O.S products is much as I do really can't get enough of them.  ♥ KT 

Green = Cucumber Blue = Everyday hand lotion 

The texture of this is very light and smells great ! 

Websites :

Evolution of smooth -  to their Online Store 

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