Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cotton pads for the stubborn jobs.

Ladies !!

I have to give this one to my mom, for finding these at our local Costco's. These bad boys get the job done from scrubbing off nail polish or tackling those clean up jobs with your make up. I love the versatility of these little things, you can do more with them than a good old cotton ball. They are really great buy they will save you in the long run, than if you bough them at Walmart or Walgreens. Also each individual  tube has got a re-sealable zip-lock, that is easy for you to travel with and they wont all fall out.

Organic Cotton rounds - Approx $13.99 CAN 
Has a little scrubby honey comb print layer. 

Flat cotton side 

Pro's :- You get a lot ( if you buy them at Costco's ) 8 round sleeves in a box - Can wrap around your finger to get in your corner of the eye and under. Is great to clean up tight-lining.- - Multy- per-pus
 - 100% organic and good  texture
- Holds a lot of product
- Saving money !! $$$$ 

Con's :-The scrub layer sometimes pulls off when scrubbing ( not always ) 
- Wish they didn't stick together in the package was a little easier to get them out singular

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