Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review - Simple Cleansing Wipes

Hey Beautiful's !!
Just realized that I haven't done a review in a while, so I thought about time I did one for you guys.  So I've used a lot of facial cleansing wipes in my day. Shopping in my local Walmart and came across the SIMPLE line. I heard a lot of great things about the line, and thought I should try them out first hand. I picked up the Cleansing wipes because they were on sale and to try something new also they had none of my normal wipes in stock( Neutrogena in the blue box). It's a great line dont' get me wrong liked the wipes when I first used them. But when I started to use them more, started to lean back to my Neutrogena wipes instead, I will try something else from the SIMPLE line because I did like the simple ingredents in the line that they were all good for my skin. Over all they are  great product to buy just not a very good wipes in what I look for. ♥ KT


-Leaves your skin feeling great and clean after
-Great size of cloth  
- Also did like how there wasn't any alcohol in them. 
- Great for traveling or just to keep in your makeup case.
- Noticed a good change on how my skin looked healthy 
- Didn't dry out my skin in my dry areas and didn't leave my oily T-zone worse. 


-The packaging the little flap needs to stick better.
-Still had to rub a little at waterproof mascara 
- Didn't like how there was 25 wipes wish they had more. 
-Price aprox $11.99 CAN for them, not worth for only 25 wipes.
- Dries out very quickly more so than other wipes that I've used, don't stay moist for very long.  


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