Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Review - Clean and Clear ~ Morning Burst

Beautifuls !! 

Hey ladies a while back I did a post on purchasing the Clean and Clear Morning Burst body wash. Now that I've used half the bottle and got a good base around this product, I'm going to tell you what I think about it because it's a little passed over do. I saw this in so many Youtube hauls and favorite videos, that when it came to Canada I had to get my hands on it.  As a teenager the Clean and Clear line always made my acne worse, so I thought the body wash couldn't be so bad. The scent that I got was the Mango and Papaya, it was the one that I didn't find nauseating.  ♥ KT 

Pro's ; 

- The size of it is great !! You get a lot 
- Smells AMAZING !!! 
- Great that it has little beads in it
- Need very little to get the job done


- I found consistent use, it dried out my skin. 
- Wish it was more hydrating 
- Even though the size it great takes forever to get through that much product. 


  1. I find that it works great for me but that's probably because my skin isn't dry at all. Mango and Papaya is my favourite scent. :)

  2. I've always had bad dry skin, but I have 50/50 love with this product. I like to switch my body wash.