Monday, 23 July 2012

Random Eye shadows in my collection

Hey Girls !! 

Today I bring you right off the press !! Shadows I have in my collection, but don't use on a regular bases or they got push to the side do to other products. Well the 3 I use out of this to do a look are Cover Girls - Golden sunrise, H.I.P-  Tenacious with a little of the Silver Lilac for the highlight. Not saying I don't love any of these shades, some of them are my first color I started wearing, I got sick of wearing one color with out crease or nothing just use to wear one color.  Some of these I found in the clearance bins at my local drug store, not sure if the companies make the same color. Also like O.P.I and other companies they bring out the same color under a different name than what you remember it by. Sorry for the poorly done re-pressed Jane eye shadow, it was cracked when I purchased and it didn't set properly because my cat knocked off the book, holding everything together. So I hope you liked this post is much as I had fun trying to dig for these through my collection.♥ KT 

( L-R) 445 Golden Sunrise, 460 Knick Ot pnk, 465 MLT-DWN MV, ES PNK Chifn, Maybellene -  Silver lilac
** Sorry the 2 frost colors didn't show up is nice as I wanted them too. 
460 Knk Ot PNK -N- 465 Pink Chiffon
465 MLT DWN MV -N -445 Golden Sunrise
Maybellene -  Silver lilac 
L'Oreal H.I.P pigment in Tenacious
Dont' get me wrong I love this color the only problem with it is fall out. Also it
can get a little messy I find putting some in the cap works better than making a mess. 
Jane in - Hi Ho Silver ( Repressed )
L'Oreal H.I.P and Jane swatch.
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