Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nail/toe color Sunday

Hey girls 
Hey my pretties I'm trying something different with this blog today. Everyone does nail of the day I'm going with something different on nail color for Sunday.  Let me know what you think, it's hard for me because I have bio-gel on my nails I can't do me nails period at all.  I would also love to hear feed back pros and cons, I always try to make everyone happy on my verity of blogs. I normally paint my toes twice a month and switch it up, also I don't get out that often to get a pedicure done, I try to do them at home. So I hope you like the switch up today and hope it works well. Enough of blah blah blah  lets' get into this ...... 

So the nail color that I picked is like a muddy purple color, this summer I'm not feeling the brights and the neon. This color is Parlez-vous OPI?  which I do believe was the 2008 France collection.  I know Zoya has a doupe for this and china glaze has a shade off from this, because I do believe this color is discontinued. Well guys enjoy have a good week. ♥ KT 

Parlez-vous OPI? 
Natural light no flash 

SITES !! !
China Glaze -


  1. I have this colour, it was one of my first ever OPI polishes :) I love purple cremes and this one is really great for winter.

  2. I have this color and absolutely love it.

    Glad to find another fellow Ontario Canadian on the BBU blog hop, definitely following you :)

  3. Lovely purple! :) I really like how soft the color is :)

  4. That is a beautiful colour! I love purple at the moment!

    I found you on the blog hop :)