Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Wednesday shopping haul - Little late

Girls !! 
Do to the fact that the blog on how to make your hair color last longer, won the vote this blog got pushed. The number one goal on Wednesday was to find shoes  for a wedding coming up in the next couple weeks.  Than I went to the Shoe Company and found these heels, they are so cute !!! They were part of the summer clearance which was 30% off ticket price, than  I noticed there  was a little manufacturing defect  which the girl gave me additional  10% off. Than I got an e-mail from BB&W for their minis 3 for $30, and I couldn't pass it up. So I went with my mom and she got 3 and I got 3, I've been wanted to try their body mist so me and my mom picked up one of each.  The scents of the products that I got are my favorite candle scents too by the company, when I saw they made mini's I was like SCORE !!! I also got terry cloth shorts and a hoodie from Aeropostale which will be shown soon in another blog don't want you guys to read forever now lol. 
Well I hope you like my little things I got on my little shopping day with my mom ♥ KT  

Cherry Blossom and Coconut Lime. 

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  1. Great goodies hun, the Eucalyptus spearmint line is my fave from B&BW:)