Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to keep your hair color longer !

Hey Girls 

This blog kinda goes with the one I posted about my new hair color. I'm going to talk about the products I use to keep my color from fading. These are the products I use even when I dye my hair bright red is well. I find these product together work very well together. I also use this in the winter when I have my fall color in my hair but use less Safeguard and more deep conditioner. Also washing your hair every day will fade the color as well. 

Pureology Safeguard -  All Pureology shampoo & conditioners  all are fore color hair. This spray  protects your hair from the sun UV rays  it keeps your hair from fading  or highlights turning brassy if your blonde. I use it in almost dry hair with a tad dampness to it and than spritz all over with concentrating at my roots. Than I run a wide tooth comb though my hair before throwing it up in a pony tail. If you are going to style your hair with heat, do that first than spray product. Also when you dye your hair it's known to be prone to breakage this helps with that, plus the static problem that some hair dyes have. 

Infusium 23
- I love this shampoo even thought it's a 3 step system. It's not worth buying the whole system when you are using the  conditioners from the box color it's self. It's sulfate free and it will keep your color 2x longer than normal color shampoo. I just brought another bottle of this because I loved it so much and how it made my hair feel every time I washed it. Also I really like it because it doesn't build up in your hair.  But when I find that I feel like my hair needs a change of product  I use Pureology ~ Hydrate line ( small bottle  * not shown)  

Deep conditioner tubes/packs you get with your color
- Doesn't matter what kinda of box color you get they all come with these they are normally labeled the " C " step. It's a deep conditioner because hair color really drys out your hair and can make it brittle.  I use this every other week just as a deep conditioner to help my hair out. You can also use any conditioner that is color protector in it, but the conditioner that comes in the box is made pacific for that color that your dyed your hair. 

Well I hope this helps everyone keep their color just a little bit longer ♥ KT 
Pureology - Safeguard, Infusiume23- Color shampoo and 
The deep conditioner that comes with your hair box color. 

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  1. The pureology products are great, I've noticed a lot of salons carry them around where I live because so many people love them! It's great that you found the perfect set of products can help your color stay in. I know so many people have trouble with it. Great post :D