Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Garnier B.B cream - Review


Hey guys I'm talking about B.B cream, it seems like  everyone got one out there in the market. So when  I was done getting my nails and waiting for my mom. I was reading a magazine to kill sometime and notice a sample of the Garnier B.B cream.  I've never used a BB cream before so I wanted to see how it works thought it would be a great way to try it out before buying a tube of it. Also I haven't seen this in our local stores yet, I can't find it on the Garnier Canada website. 

Well my first time using it was at my friends wedding on Saturday that was the big challenge. I think that product is great it lasted 12hrs at the wedding with just face powder to set it. Also it was an out door wedding and it didn't even melt off my face lasted all through the night. Thought the light shade matched my skin perfectly blended very well, didn't go on streaky. I used my fingers and dabbed it all over than blended it into my skin, small amount did my whole face with no extra product. It also felt amazing on my skin also like how it's got SPF.  I think if I can find this product I will buy a tube of it, to have an option than to my foundation.  If you are looking to cover redness or acne I would use a concealer,  but this had some good coverage to it.  The smell is great it doesn't have the make-up smell to it that some foundation have. 
The product comes in 2 shades - Light and Medium both have SPF 15 
The light shade swatch 

- Great coverage for my liking
- Great feel to it
- Love how it has SPF 15 and vitamin C
- Long wearing, didn't melt in high temperature weather
- Blends very well into skin covers quite well 

- I wish I can find it in Canada
-  Out of the little sample is very hard to get product out.
- Dries out makes a crust in the little sample pack.

~ Websites ~

US. http://www.garnierusa.com Canada -http://www.garnier.ca/ UK - http://www.garnier.co.uk

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