Thursday, 26 July 2012

For our furry little friends !!

Aloha !! 

Most of my readers have some sort of furry creature so this blog is for you. Our family pets are part of the family so they need some love and beauty help too ! The fact that I have two cats in my house the dust bunnies  can be gross, so this is what I use after I brush them both. Also because I have no dogs that I gave 2 wipes to my friend so she can tell me how they worked for her dogs.  There are so many kinds of pet wipes for pets fur out there and you can pretty much pick them up at any pet store. The ones that I bought for our kitties are the ones I grabbed at my local Walmart.

They are a great size with a great scent of vanilla coconut. This is only  a little package they also came in big containers. 
These are the ones that my cousin  uses on their 3 kitties. They are little more expensive,  than the ones I grabbed
at Walmart but they do the same thing.

Pros' ; 

- Helps you pets fur to be soft and clean 
-  Makes them smell like tropical island.
-  You get a lot in your package 
- Also is great to clean around ears, eyes and paws 
- Stay moist for a while 
- Leaves your cat's/ dogs fur shiny and smooth 
- Catches loose hair into little wipe 

Con's ; 

- If you have a big dog you will need multiple sheets
- Small sheets for big dog or long hair cats 

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