Monday, 23 July 2012

Bring on the HOLD !!!

HEY GIRLS !!! I'm talking about in this blog HAIR SPRAY and not the musical !! This is the top 3 hairsprays that I've used  for about 2 1/2 years and I love all 3 but some more so than the other. Not all hairspray are in the ozone killing spray can, there are a lot of hair spray's that are in a spritz form that do the same job. When I'm doing a different part in my hair to have more control on where I'm putting the product, I choose the non- aerosol  hair spray. 
Rusk - This is a great combo of strength with out leaving your hair heavy or sticky. It's more  for your buck as well with a can of  10.6 oz. Great spray nozzle and you get a even coating with out having your hair rock hard. One thing I love most about this product is little goes a long way, one spray will hold all night. Love this one because it just hold everything I need it to hold and still not have that gross heavy feeling. 
 Redken 18 Quick Dry - This is an old favorite of mine and it has never let me down. With the new technology with hair spray it kinda puts this one on the back burner. I know if you don't want your hair to move than this is a great hairspray for you. It's a much heavier hairspray which leaves your hair with the famous stickiness and hardness. This hairspray will leave your hair very hard it's not going to budge even in the heat.  This is great for the people that need the hold in the heat/ humidity holds about for 8 hrs. 
Fructis Bamboo Flex Spray- This is my new favorite it's a combination of the Rusk and Redken, but more easy on the piggy bank. It's a great drug store hair spray you have more verity with the hold that you would like. Leaves your hair silky and shiny and a lot of hold with a lot of flexible properties great for beach waves. Also it's travel friendly and airplane safe, great smelling with out gassing you out when spraying. If your doing an up-do you do need more of this product, more than the other 2 but still a great product.
Hope you like these products and I hope you can try these out like I did.♥ KT

Rusk- Being Flexible, Redken 18 - Quick Dry,  Fructis - Bamboo flex spray. 
Hold & Flex Ultimate Control Non-Aerosol Spray
Hold & Flex Non-Aerosol Spray
Garnier Fructis -

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