Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer reading list.... top 5 out of 10

Hey girls it's always good to curl up with a good book any time of the year. I find I get sucked in more during the summer where I can also still hear the sounds of nature around me. I find that when I sit outside and tan I tend not to sit in one spot or I move around way to much, but if I have a book in my hands I'm in a chair comfy and I'm sucked in for how long I read.  Well I'm going to start off this book I just finished it was so good, can't wait in July when the 2nd part comes out from the series. I find if  I have a great read I can't out it down and this book was one of those I read 3/4 of the book when I first got it home.  Just every chapter dragged you deeper into the book never got boring there weren't any dry or boring spots.  So I went through my book shelve and thought I should make this a good one and give you other good reads. I've read all of these books and have my own opinion on each one of them. There might be a part two of this post, seeing that these are only my top 5, I will  give you my top 10.  ♥ KT

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