Friday, 1 June 2012

May Favorites ( sort of )

Hell---ooo Girls

Hey guys this blog is  my May favorite sort of because I don't really do favorites because I just can't stick to one product. So these are the products of May that I found myself using more than other products that I have in my collection.
Products from L to R 
Cover Girl Lashperfection in very black -  This mascara I got at Walmart for something different , I'm a big fan of their LashBlast and I wanted a change.  It's wand as not as big as the LashBlast, but its similar spokes and shape as the Lashblast. I find it gets my baby lashes in my inner corner of my eye very well.  I have a difficulty finding a mascara that doesn't give me to much volume and not enough fullness. I'v got very long lashes so I really don't need the volume based mascara.  This mascara does that it gives me the fullness and just amount of lift to my lashes.
Annabelle  Eye Shadows in 246 and 101  - I love these colors by themselves or together in a look, lately I've been wearing them in a look together. The brown all over my lid and than the mauve rose color in my crease.  These eye shadows blend well they go on like silk for a drug store brand they put up very well. 
Two Face Natural Eye Pallet - This was my very first pallet I bought from Sephora, this was the pallet that kinda started it all for me in high end products. I love all the colors in this pallet they are work nicely together and by themselves. Lately I've been using Silk Teddy as I highlight for my brow and lightly swept under my eye, to brighten up that area. 
EOS Lip Ball-  This is my favorite lip balm it's the only one that soothes my very bad chapped lips. To be honest I'm such a fan that I have 4 of them that I always have back up's too so I will never run out hehehe. I got the melon one for summer just needed a change from the summer fruit one. 
Aveeno Naturals Daily Exfoliator -   This is a 50/50 love on this product, I love it that I can use it every week because it doesn't have big exfoliators in it. Also I love how it makes my skin after I use it in the shower. But sometimes I really wish that it had a little more to it when it came to the abrasiveness of this product especially for in the winter time.  

So gals I hope you like my May sorta of favorites thanks for keep with me ♥ KT 
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  1. I've heard mixed reviews about the EOS lip balm, the shape is so cute :p I have the Naked Eye palette from Too Faced and I don't really love it, though the colours are so pretty. I just found it difficult to work with and most of them were quite sheer. I think I would've preferred Natural Eye as the colours are more pigmented.

  2. I love the EOS because I can find it in my purse, n it's the only one that doesn't make my lip problem worse. I'm very fair skinned so the colors of the 2faced pallet shows up well on me.