Monday, 25 June 2012

Lush give it a try ? ? ?

Hey Girls
You guys are going to think that I'm crazy for not trying Lush products yet. Well the truth is I don't really have a Lush store near me at all it's like 2 hour drive, if I want to go Lush store and not a kiosk I have to go to be city Toronto. It also coast to much to perches off the net so I've been holding off for the Lush for a while.  So These are some of things that have caught my eye, want to try, but I want you guy's opinion on the products. I heard the Fresh Mask were really good so I got a few on here. Also got 2 scrubs I find exfoliating is key for good healthy skin, and I got a bath bomb because you can divide those into chunks  So girls please help me out on this one want your greatest opinion on these, also want to know what are your favorites. ♥ KT
The Sacred Truth 

Cosmectic Warrior 
Love Lettuce 

Ocean Salt 

Rub, Rub, Rub 

Floating Island

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