Thursday, 14 June 2012

John Frieda - In my mail !!!

Beauties !! 
Hey girls after that I received my trial Frizz- Ease serum in the mail, I received this shortly after. This time I got  3 things in my box. The one that I've been using as of right now is the balm. It's a little waxy for my fine hair but I found out during a night out with girls that it didn't get effected by the humidity.  I find using outshine by Redken that it still makes my hair "frizzy" because there isn't enough to the product to keep my hair down in the heat of the day. I will defiantly look into perching a full tube of this balm, it's that good I thought for all hair types. Also great on money wise because you only need a pin head of a dab to do my whole head, even that was a little much so it will last you a long time.  I think my next product I'm going to try out of these is going to be the shampoo/conditioner. I've been wanting to try these for so long and I'm glad I get to try them prior to perches.  Even though I wished I got the volume boost to the shampoo instead of the smooth control, it's a good way to start though. So check in to see what next product that I will do from the J.F box. ♥ KT 
( L to R ) Brilliant Brunette shampoo. conditioner, Frizz-Ease  balm, Frizz-Ease  night  frizz control 

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