Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Candles are not just for the romantics!!

Girls !! 
There is something great about curling up with a great book and smelling a great scent of a candle burning near by.Also if your having a bad day or it's not that greatest outside they brighten your day up. I found the best candles are from Bath and Body Works, they burn even and I've not had a problem with them at all. Also before I was a B&BW candle lover I was a Yankee Candle FEEN!!! they are another great candle to have and much better for the bank as well. I’m not a fan of sweet smelling scents I find them they are to strong and than they give me a headache, so I stick to fresh clean scents that don't get to over powering. One thing I like about both company they have small or mini candles, that if you are not to sure about a scent you can kinda test drive it to see if you want to buy a big 3 wick candle. I hope you like my candle recombination and you give these a try. ♥ KT 

Sun & Sand 

Lemon and Mint
Pink Sangria 

Coastal Waters
Beach Grass 
Orange Ginger --- This is a fav right before bed  or bath time 

Midnight Jasmine - I love burning this when it's a thunderstorm, just
suits the rain smell in the air, heads up it's better in a kitchen than bedroom.
I find it a little over powering after a long burn. 


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Bath and Body Works --

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