Monday, 25 June 2012

Benefits Cream shadow/ liner in R.S.V.P

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Hey there girlies it's a about time that I do this blog on this product, it's sorta over do. I've used this product for maybe a year and a bit now, and I wouldn't change anything about it's formula. This is my first cream eye shadow that I ever bought glad I did, I've been looking at MAC paint-pots for a while but for the price of them I cringe every time. So I was on the hunt for something just as close as a paint-pot for the less money but get the same results. Benefit -R.S.V.P is such a great color to have  in your kit as a professional or in your collection as a Bloger/Guru.  It's my every day color when I don't want to be over done or to lazy to do to much that morning, also found it great for work. For light skin tones I think it blends a little to well in my skin, but I bump it up with Urban Decay's  Sell Out and it just takes it up a notch.
I found that using this product you don't much to cover your whole eye. It does say creaseless but I still use a primer if you have oily lids like I do, just make it stay a lot longer. If you choose  to use a brush  synthetic  flat brush (Sigma F70 or , but I would recommend your finger they product just melts easier.  Between coasts and to build the color up you wait till 30 min between layers, it seems a lot but by the time I get back to the other eye to stick on the 2nd layer it's dry.  I'm hoping for chrismtas  that I can get another out of the collection.  I hope that you enjoy cream eye shadows is much as I love this product. ♥ KT   
The bottom of the container 
Natural light; If you have nails sometimes it's hard to put your finger in the pot.
I find using my pinky or ring finger easier with digging into product. 

Get a lot of product !!!  In a easy little pot that's a little more functional than the paint-pots.
Great for travel because they aren't as bulky as MAC's
swatch on it's own 
Natural Light - champagne shimmer with some pink/peach undertone. 
Wishlist on the next color - Sippin N Dippin
Another wish list item - Get Figgy
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