Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What I got at Walmart !!

Girls !! 

So today I went to my trusty Walmart with my mom this afternoon and I stopped by the make-up section. I've had these two products in mind for a while and I thought it was time to try them. The products that I bought today I've heard really good things about and I wanted to try them out myself. Also I've used other names of these products and I wanted to try something different for a change.  I'll probably follow up with another blog about how I liked these two products and what are the pros and cons of both.
Simple make up wipes and ALMAY get up and grow mascara

♥ KT


  1. Let me now how you like the cloths hun. Been wanting to try them for a while now xx

  2. right now they are on sale for 7.78 or something like that. I'll be trying them first seeing that i already have 3 tubs of mascara on the go finishing up

  3. I haven't tried either of these products but I hope they don't disappoint you!