Wednesday, 16 May 2012

This or That - Tag

Hey dolls !! 
This is a tag I found interesting, it's this or that tag. I'm going to be honest half this stuff on this list I don't use or wear but I'll take one for team and answer them in the thought of would I rather. To make this easier for you guys to ready the titles and my answers are going to be BOLD ! I thought this was a fun little thing that is a little different from my normal blogs and other post. ENJOY !!   -- ♥ KT 

Blush or bronzer -- Bronzer 
Lip gloss or lipstick -- Lip gloss 
 Eye liner or mascara -- Mascara 
Foundation or concealer --Foundation 
Neutral or color eye shadow -- Neutral 
Pressed or loose eye shadows -- Pressed 
Brushes or sponges -- Brushes 

OPI or china glaze -- OPI 
Long or short -- Long 
Acrylic or natural -- Natural 
Brights or darks -- darks 
Flower or no flower  -- Flower on toes only 

Perfume or body spray -- Perfume 
Lotion or body butter -- Lotion 
Body wash or soap -- Body wash 
Lush or other bath company -- ( Need to try lush)  Body Shop 

Jeans or sweat pants -- Jeans 
Long sleeve of short -- Short 
Dresses or skirts -- Skirts 
Stripes or plaid  -- Stripes 
Flip flops or sandals  -- Flip flops 
Scarves or hats --  Hats 
Studs or dangly earrings -- Studs  
Necklaces or bracelets  -- Necklaces 
Heels or flats  -- Heels 
Cowboy boots or riding boots -- Cowboy 
Jacket or hoodie  -- Hoodie 
Forever 21 or charlotte russe -- Forever 21 ... We dont have Charlotte Russe in Canada  
Abercombie or Hollister -- Neither 
Saks 5th or nordstrom -- We don't have that here in Canada 

Curly or straight -- Straight 
Bun or ponytail -- Don't have long enough hair 
Bobby pins or butterfly clips -- They don't stay in my hair 
Hair spray or gel  -- Hair Spray 
Long or short -- Short  
Light or dark  -- Dark 
Side sweep bangs or full bangs -- Full Bangs 
Up or down  -- Down 

Rain or shine -- Bring on the sun 
Summer or winter --- HOT HOT HOT !! Summer 
Fall or spring  -- Spring 
Chocolate or vanilla  -- Vanilla 
East coast or west coast -- East Coast 

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