Saturday, 5 May 2012

Taking it all off !!

Hey beauties !! 
Putting on your make up can be easy and simple, it also can put up  a fight getting it off at night.
Waterproof make up can be more stubborn than just normal make up  sometimes it just needs some help.  I try not to use waterproof mascara because it's damaging to your eyelashes, it can also dry out your lashes do to one of the agents used on making waterproof.  Also it takes more rubbing and scrubbing at your delicate eye area. What I use to do is use a none waterproof mascara or maybelline clear mascara  for your brows as a shield before applying the waterproof to your lashes.  So here I've giving you a list of products I've used and will stand by for helping my duties of getting my make up off easier.

L'oreal's gentle lip and eye make up remover, this is the first make up remover that I ever bought. I found
as I got older with my changing skin maid me break out. 
These are my number one choice the fact you don't need a cotton pad to help you remove your make up.
Also you get a lot in a package and they don't dry out very fast, they leave my skin not tight and dried out.  Not only do these
help you get your eye make up off, you can also do all your other make up as well. 
To the wipes this is my Go-to I also take it in my travel along bag with me. I've battled with acne really bad over my teens
now that I have it at bay, I don't want any non oil free products going on my face. Also with sensitive skin  this is gentle
that it didn't bother my skin or my eye area. 
I got this as a tester from sephora from one of my perches. In the middle of the road pricing,
this stuff is great. For the price there are way better drug store brands that do the same.  

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