Friday, 25 May 2012

Sunless Tanner

Hello- dolls 
The key with with sunless tanners is not to be ORANGE !!!  We have seen the horror of sunless 
tanners turning you into a Willy Wonka  character. I find with tanners, you have to be open minded
 on products and price range.  You have to do a little trial and error, with different products you just have to find what product you like, what works for you.  I'd rather use the healthier version to a tanning bed and doing more damage to my skin.  If  I do enjoy  the weather and the great rays of the sun, I try to  apply a really good sunscreen. **  These product aren't in any order either. 

Gretta Monahan ( Rachael Ray show) - Did an in site on this stuff on Thursday Rachael Ray show. 

She gave and in site that she uses this in her spa's, her clients  and to the stars.  I've tried the the gradual mouse,

I found it amazing easy to use, even thought this is high end you defiantly has great results with all of the line. Also the new line of this tan product, comes in gel form. 
Love how you can put this on like any lotion. I use the face one  when I get a little burnt just to  give me a glow.
Because of my Scottish and Irish background I'm very fair so I go and buy the  lightest bottle and work my way up if needed. Also  l love how this one drys on my skin,  doesn't make me feel sticky no rub off on my cloths. Also if you find that you need a firming lotion because of your age or you want that look, they have a firming formula. 
This is just like the Jergens, but this gives you more of a glow than , gradual tan.  Jergens  also drys a little
quicker than this product. If the drug store doesn't carry the fair jergens this is the one I pick up. They are great dupes for each other. 
Want to know more before buying !
I really want to try this, if someone can give me an though to this. Would be great !! 
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