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Sun protection 101 !

Beauties over the world !
This weeks post is for everyone for every member in the household for the summer months. I think with good knowledge and great products, it more simple for everyday use. There are a lot of great new products out there that even I have started to use and known to love. I love the sun, but sometimes the sun dosnt like me and I get burned with having very fair skin it is a must that I should practice what I preech. I try so hard to put on sun screen/ sun block, but the trick is not to get lazy about it. It dosnt matter what skin tone you are you can still burn your skin, which can do damage over the years. If you do get burned sitting in the sun after care is key. Always have aloe gell or aloe cream product to sooth the aches. If the pain is to much specially if cloths are rubbing on the burn itself, just take some advil or tynol to help relieaf some of the pain .(Note for mothers: Do not give your child adult medication, use kid friendly medication FALLOW intructions clearly.)So I hope with the products I'm going to show you will make your summer a little more pleasantMothers :: Seein' that I do my share of baby sitting, I know how hard it is to keep kids still when they want to go play outside or a pool area.  All of Coppertone products come in spray form. 
SPF stands for "Sun protection factor."

 The SPF number on sunscreen's label has is a guide to the product's level of protection sunburn

Basically, the SPF number data and identify how much longer you can be exposed to the sun before getting a sunburn with a sunscreen without a sunscreen compared to. For example, it would you take 15 times to burn along with SPF-15 sunscreen year than without.   

- Very fair skin 
- Blue / hazel eyes 
- blond / red hair 

Always burn, never tan 

- Fair skin, blue eyes 

Burn Easily, tan poorly
- UV Index: High / Extreme (6-11) 
- Extensive outdoor exposure (pool, golf, beach, skiing, etc..) 
- Outdoors from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
SPF 50 +
- Darker skin white 
burn Sometimes, Usually tan 

Light brown skin 
Burn Minimally, tan Easily
- UV Index: Moderate (3-5) 
- Limited outdoor exposure
SPF 30 +
- Brown skin 
Rarely burn, tan darkly Easily 
- Dark brown or black skin 

Never burn, always tan darkly
- UV Index: Low (0-2)SPF 15 +
** Note: sunburn to Ensure Protection Against UVA and UVB rays Both, look for the words "broad spectrum" on the product label.

Your eyes need protected from the sun as well.  Finding a good pair is key  Uv/UVA
will give your all around protection from the sun rays.
I find some sun screen makes my skin have little red bumps sometimes,
I tried this last year and fell in love with it.I like how i can't feel it on my skin. That's why I hate wearing sun screen.
For the little kids out there, its water resistant will protect your little ones  ( NOT WATER PROOF  ) It's also
paraben free and in Spray form as well.
Will help with the pain and aches if an adult.  This is will help when you are burnt
and your cloths are rubbing this will help with that pain. Also will help you sleep with out pain.
Relief as a topical of your sun burns. It also works good if you burn yourself cooking . It  keeps your skin from
 being chapped by a long day in the sun. ( Makes skin sticky but works amazing ) 
Your lips need protection too. I find if you do a lot of out door sports or a lot activities outside
, that this is a good buy for you. I grabbed this to try it and it works great . Also if you are more a gloss kinda gal, try to find
a lip gloss with an SPF **  Revlon Super Lustrous has SPF 15  
For those that have acne on your face and your don't want to put sunscreen on your
face because it will glog your poor . This is great it's made for your face and it wont make your break out.
Also Neutrogena makes a normal face sun block, and it's FANTASTIC 
A daily moisturizer with an SPF in it  works well. If I'm spending all day outside I will let this sink
in to my skin and than put a specific face sun block on my face over top. Just for added protection. 
This stuff smells amazing, this is a little different than the straight aloe  near the top. This is more
an everyday after sun moisturizer. It helps your skin from being out all day in the sun, not as tight feeling.

:: Websites :: 
Coppertone Canada -- http://www.coppertone.ca 
Aveeno  -- http://www.aveeno.ca/
Tylenol Canada  -- http://www.tylenol.ca 

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