Monday, 21 May 2012

Philosophy- Purity made simple

Hello beauties ! 

I'm here with a review for ya this time ! I've been using this product  now for 5 months and I absolutely love how this product makes my skin feel never to dry and it doesn't leave any residue  behind. It's from the  Philosophy's Purity made simple line, I just use the cleanser because I find that's all I need to keep my skin healthy and bright. Also with having bad acne before I try not to use to many products on my skin. This cleanser is great for once washing my face I don't have that tight/dry  feeling after.  How I got my hands on this was a little trial container from Sephora with a perches, than to try it further I bought a travel size bottle of it. I fell in love with it so I went out and bought the 8oz bottle, little bit goes a long way you just need a nickle sized amount to do your whole face. So the bottle does last a long time, even the foam version I only did half pump of the foaming cleanser. It takes make up off with a breeze  even the tricky  mascara and eyeliner with out a problem, light formula also  doesn't irritate acne. So I hope that you like this product is much as I do.  If you use any other line from Philosophy, I would love to hear what you think.
♥ KT

Purity Cream cleanser and than  foaming pump cleanser 

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Philosophy - U.K-

** At Sephora you can also get this product in a value size bottle - 
Some Canadian stores have a counter @ The Bay -

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