Saturday, 12 May 2012

Organix Coconut Milk - Anti Breakage

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This is a little review/ used for a while product, that I've used for a while now. I find that sometimes in the winter early spring my hair gets a little brittle. I find that with flat ironing my hair all the time it gets a little weak, and I'm known to breakage. I try to steer away from blow drying need be because it does more damage than a flat iron. This stuff by Organix  out of their coconut line, is amazing it did everything that I wanted it to do.  I have thin and very fine hair, this wasn't heavy at all to weigh down my hair. I gave this to my friend to try on her very long  and thick hair. She thought it worked great, made her hair stronger at the roots. I found with my fine hair, I didn't have to much breakage with styling and just everyday. We both determined that you  wouldn't use it everyday, that you would use it more like a mask . Little goes a very long way a size of a pea did my ends to roots. I used this in my hair right before bed, so it has enough time to get through and do it's job.  I found using this product every other week, I cut down on my conditioner  and how much I used. Never really use conditioner unless I really need to use it only on my end, which tend to dry and become straw like.  

Organix  Coconut line

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