Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My favorite body wash !!!

Hey Girls !!
I've used a lot of body washes, I have a summer one and winter one do to my skins needs.  Also this product that I'm going to talk about it's a little difficult to find  in Canada we only like 3 scents that I've seemed to find .  What got me started on this brand itself  was I got in a beauty box from Walmart ( for teens. ) It had in it was a Aloe Fa soap bar, I fell in love how it made my skin feel. I'm not a bar soap kinda gal, so I looked into their body wash. Than as a thank you basket for my mom she got the Vanilla honey bubble bath, never felt anything like it. I fell in love with these two products because you get a lot for you buck with both of these products and the quality is there as well . Even tho the products are both for dry skin, I found using the other scents and types of these product that I found the creaminess and thickness to be better  in these two than the others. I found with any cream based body washes that I don't use as much as I would with a gel based wash.  Also if I don't run out an get this myself my mom picks it up for me, also like any other mom has a tendency to get the wrong one. So if you like my mom or your mom is the same way, tell them between the bubble bath and the body wash they both have different lids to them.  Hope this is use full to you and you love this product is much as I do  ♥ KT ! 
Vanilla Honey - Bubble Bath. Even tho this really doesn't bubble very much  it just adds enough to your bath .
It puts creaminess to your bath that is very relaxing !! 
Coconut - Body Wash ~ This is my favorite !!! 
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