Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Maybelline- Eye-studio-color

Hey Girls ! 
I've have had these in my collection for a while, thought it was about time that i did a blog/ review on them.

I think these drug store little pallets are a great thing to have, specially when you are traveling because its got everything you need. These shadows are smooth velvety, they wear well and go on the lid with ease.  For drug store eye shadows an for the price of them, they are very pigmented I was actually surprised. I think Maybelline has made a really great product with this eye shadow texture. I love how smooth and silky they are, they go on just as smooth. I like it better than their regular single eye shadow, I found that it can be hit or miss  with them on how they wear when it comes down to Maybelline. 

Copper Chic
Copper Chic 
Mad for Mauve
Mad for Mauve 
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  1. I love one of these palettes in Give Me Gold and I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation. Some really nice colours in those two palettes you have :)