Thursday, 3 May 2012

Helping my skin out through the summer

The past couple of summers I've noticed that my skin get tight and lack moisture at night. I think it's a mixture of things like I'm getting up there in the digits, sun and how long I'm in my pool for. I've noticed this on my face couple of times but mostly my body, this past summer I stalked up on some stuff that helped a lot.
Different from my winter moisturizer, this one gives me the best
results that last me the whole day. If swimming I do let dry and add sun block
just for added  protection. 
I use this after I've spent all day in the sun. I find with having sun block on all day,
that it's nice to have something light on your skin before bed.
I don't use this night cream all of the time but, when I need a little more extra moisture.
I get very dry cheek bones and the sides of my nose suffer, so I put this on before bed and it helps a lot . 
My friend gave me a sample of this last year, OMG going to buy a tub  it's that good.
I'd get my body scrub at the body shop but I got sick of the gell like scrubs. They just dried out my skin more
this is a lighter version with the same results. It smells great as well which is always a bonus 
I don't normally where eye cream but having a tester of this, changed my mind.
Just gives me a little more protection in the sensitive eye area, I like to put it before I put on the Nivea. 
This is a family and friend favorites, all of the Vaseline lotions are great . Shea butter one is good  in the summer
just gives you a little more extra nourishment.
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 Nivea --  
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Soap & Glory 
*** Soap & Glory and Clinique can also be found at any Sephora store and online. 

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