Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Get to know me TAG !

1. What is your favorite beauty product you have? 
My Urban Decay Primer Potion ( Original.) I have really greasy T-zone and this includes my eyeslids. If I didn't find this product my eyeshadows would crease and smudge and slid off my face through out the day.

2. What was the hardest product to get your hands on?
My naked one pallet, it was more didn't have the money at the time to get the product when it came out. So I am a late bloomer and only had my naked one pallet for a couple if months now.

3. Whats your favorite clothing brand?
I don't really have one, I'm more a ravor tank top hoodie kinda gal. But my shoes are always DC skate shoes. Never really got into the fashion side, I really can't stand any other clothing other than tank tops.

4. What is the product you wont go without? 
Mascara!!! Dosn't matter if I dont have any make up on but I have to have at least mascara on to go about my day.

5. Are you a nail polish junkie and if so what is your favorite.
Not crazy but I have a little bin I only paint my toes, seeing that I have Bio-gell on my fingers. Opi nailpolish mostly my favorite color of their collection, is Lincoln Park after dark.

6. What best describes your make-up look best?
Simple tones;( browns, taupes , shimmer flesh tones etc.) Have to be in the mood to make a DRAMTISED look. I like having really black mascara on and it has to be buildable, for the lashes I want.

7. Whats your best beauty tip that works for you?
Don't get a cream eyeshadow brush ( unless your professional), just use your finger the product goes on butter with the warmth of your finger.

8. Are you a high-end or Drug store person?
Kinda a mixture on this one, I have 2 high-end products and it's great product and pigmation. But if you dig around your local drug store, you can find the same great products. I find with lip products it's not worth the money on high end, you can find doupes in you drugstore.

9. What is your favorite drug store product you think tops high-end? 
Masacara deffently drug store you can get such better deals, it's also something I use everyday so I go through it a lot. Some times you can get two-for-one deals too which is bonus.

10. What is your Favorite food?
Anything really pasta and pizza and favorite snack food is crunch and munch, because you get a handfull of everything.

11. What is your favorite hair style right now?

Don't really do my hair other the pin straight it with my CHI, I add some products but nothing to weigh done my fine hair. I have naturally wavy  and flippy hair. 

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