Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 2 of Spring music fest w Endast !!!

  I had a chance to see these guys  LIVE !!! Never once they have let me down on any of their performances that I've seen them. They get the crowed, and draw you in  no matter what size the venue is or how big the crowd is. They play an amazing set with good ratio between old and new songs to their set, that keeps you wanting more by the end of the night. ( I'm not just saying this either because they are friends of mine )  If you want a great local band with amazing talent than you should really check out these guys. Also if you are the type where you want to meet the local talent that Canada has to offer you. They are really nice, humble down to earth guys, that have no problem chatting with you before or after the show. I will never go empty handed if you go visit them at their merch booth either, you will walk away with something useful ( Shot glasses always have a use.) So  PLEASE PLEASE !! go check out these guys and tell me what you think of them, they haven't let me down so I hope they wont let you down either. 

ENDAST, translated from an Icelandic word meaning enduring, has become more than just a name for the Montreal based metal band. ENDAST has more accurately become a name synonymous with good people with a strong sense of community, bringing wicked, heavy music to people in as many places as possible. 

**They are currently in the studio with Jon Howard ( Threat Signal)  working on an new album. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for that shit to hit some time soonish ! 


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