Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Brighten those teeth up !!

Hey girls !!! 
Nothing less attractive is yellow stained teeth, from the days coffee or tea many other staining foods. So I've found a middle of the road drug store tooth paste that my dentist recommended to me.  I love it works great, leaves my breath minty fresh all night and morning. I find using this product at night just helps those stains just a little bit more, than using it every morning.  Also with my sensitive teeth that I need to use my sensodyne in the morning to help me through the day. With sensitive teeth it makes it hard to use the white strips, also those are bad for your teeth, because you are peeling the enamel off your teeth that protect the root.   Not just tooth paste is key to a good healthy mouth,  good tooth brush and dentist and flossing. I hate flossing but I get those floss tooth pick things, it makes it a lot easier to do.   I get a new tooth brush every 6-7 months or just so the blue indicator strips are slowly turning to white.  So these  are the 2 products that are helping out my teeth situation, I hope this gives your some tips. ♥ KT
These are my favoritre tooth brushes. Oral B Cross action.
The criss-cross bristles get  crap out between your teeth ease.
Also the gel grip is good for not sliding around in your hand while
brushing those pearly whites !! .  Electric tooth brushes work well also, I just like the old fashioned way, that way
I know they are going to be clean and sometimes you can't get the hard to reach places with electric toothbrush. 
Tongue Scrapers, cleans the gross stuff off your tongue in the morning, 
Disposable floss sticks some of them have little food picks on the other end,as well pick these up at local drugstores.
 Also a great way to get your kids to  learn how to floss. 

Crest 3D White toothpaste in Radiant Mint. ** Note ** Not for kids,  for children please use a suited  toothpaste. 
Before kids brush their teeth, it tints teeth to teach kids where to brush. Shows the spots where they have missed,
cleaning off while brushing and rinsing. 

Chewing on gum also helps prevents  cavities, also keeps breath smelling fresh. 
Also having a good mouthwash also is good to have in your bathroom.  If you have kids they
have a kid friendly with no alcohol ( Smart Rinse in the US )

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** For my UK viewers, I not aware that you guys carry Crest products, but if you have something similar. Please share with me I'd love to know what brands you guys have different from us. 

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