Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Boring water.... ways to help drink more water

Hey Girls !! 
As a young girl and now an adult, I've always have had a problem with drinking my 8 glasses of water through out the day.  With the battle of kidney stones, I have to drink a lot of water and keep on it  to help out my kidneys. But for over all health you need water in your diet, just helps everything work better, keeps skin clear and you wont have medical problems. I've noticed with drinking water and the number of bottles I drink through the day, it's less stress on my skin. That was the first thing I noticed by increasing my intake of water, it wasn't so alligator like and more smooth less sore and cracked. If I don't just plane water I mix 50/50 of juice and water just for some flavor. Now there are great stuff on the market now to help you drink water. So I hope this helps you because it has helped me drink my water through the day. ♥ KT 
I find this is good to make Popsicle with, I find that they are too sweet for my liking. 

This is my new favorite thing for this summer. You can add is much as you want and they are great tasting.
They come in great flavors and 

Old school favorite ice tea never lets anyone down. 

You can always place your favorite citrus  slices in your water bottle. For some flavor and also great
health boost.  
 ** With anything you are going to put on your face or infuse in your water. Look for organic fruits and veggies,  or wash them to clean what may be on them. 

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