Sunday, 6 May 2012

Body Shop eye shadows

Hey girls !!!! 
 I'm going to talk to you about the very first time i bought eye shadow that wasn't Cover girl or a drug store brand. My visit outside of the drug store land of eye shadows were the eye shadows at the Body Shops. There single eye shadows and most of their make up products are in a good price range. They also have quads in which they are called their shadow sugar cubes because they look like dinner sugar cubes.  There staying power is good well better than some drug store, but they aren't' as good high end.   I like how they are silky and smooth and I love how they feel.
Single pressed eye shadow  in - # 37 and # 08 

Left to right  -- #37 , #08 
Sugar Cubes in # 06 - Colors 01- Honeycomb , 02- Dark Chocolate
03- marshmallow, 04- Choc chip 

L-R ~ Marshmallow, honeycomb, Choc Chip, Dark Chocolate 

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