Thursday, 12 April 2012

Smelling GREAT..... HURAY !!!

                                                           Hey Girlies !!! 

My good friend Sarah at Beautiful World of Lennyn B gave me this idea so all the credit to this post goes out to her.I’ve done everything else why not do some scents that could go with your look. So here are some of the scents that I’ve bought over the years and that have become my favorites. So I hope these give you a good start to find out a good scent for you and that is most flattering. Also if I'm just running out the door and I still want to smell great I use a body spray, reminder body spray doesn't last as long as perfume. Give some of these a try it  just give you that " SOMETHING - SOMETHIN " you may get complemented on or catch that one guy across the bar. 

CK - ONE ~ Summer - This is one perfume you need to get
your hands on.
DKNY - Be Delicious ~ This is my scent also all of the DKNY apples are great smelling! 
Elizabeth  Taylor - Forever Elizabeth 
Britney Spears - Curious 
Paris Hilton 
American Eagle - Body Spray 

~ Coming Soon ~
A post about FRESH- Sugar lip products 

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