Friday, 27 April 2012

If these products left my collection

In this post I wanted to share with you the 6 make-up items I would repurchase if I lost all my Make-up (scary to think about). They are items that can be multi purpose and I have taken these exact items in my Bag many times before. So I'm gonna give you my 7 favorite products that I would always re-perches.  I have no regrets on buying any of these products they haven't let me down, also I like I how I really didn't have to break the bank for any of the items. 

EOS - Lip ball in Passion fruit.  
Is a great base for any lip product or just on it's own. In Canada we only get the  mint,melon, passion fruit., I wish we got the other flavors because this is the only lip balm that actually works on my very dry lips.

Revlon Lip Butter - Raspberry 
I'm not a big lip product person other than lip balm. My friend gave me this
to try and I loved it !! Gave me enough color that I wasn't worried at all. 
Urban Decay - Primer Potion Original 
This stuff I can't live with out I have very oily lids, so if I didn't use this nothing would stay at all. 

L'Oreal - Volume million lashes 
Actually Lennyn B gave me this because she didn't like the smell of it. I'm glad she
did because it's my favorite, I've been a cover girl mascara girl for years and this changed my mind.   I love how this  gives me all that I need in a mascara, I don't need that much length I got enough of that. I just need definition and fullness.
Benefit Cream Eyes hadow  - R.S.V.P
This is a cream eye shadow/ eyeliner  combo, but this is my lazy day/night eye shadow.  I like to apply this with my fingers because I find is goes on better with the warmth of your finger. It's very close to MAC paint pots in consistency  and creaminess. To give it a little more depth I put Sin from UD naked pallet over top. 
Urban Decay - Naked 1st pallet 
Great arrange of color selection, great for every day look. Also you can use some of the darker colors to put a twist look to your day look.  If you like to wear naturals and taupes this a great buy for you to have in your arsenal. If not found a look that you can't do with this pallet, there is so much you can do with it. All the colors go so nicely together, you don't have to buy other colors to match with one of the colors in the pallet.
Jordana - Fabu-liner  in Blackest Black 
This is a great in expensive liquid eye liner felt tip pen.  It goes on with  no effort and it stays put, it comes off with out a problem. You can get a great thin line with the very tip of the pen to a thick bold line use the side of the pen.

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  1. I really want to try an eos lipbalm!! They don't sell them where I live :(

    1. Hi, yeah I live in Canada and we only get the lip balls in 3 flavors.Like one of my good friends is in Vegas so I got her to pick me up the flavor that
      I really want. I know the E.O.S website they ships to the UK. If you want more info please let me know

  2. I also love all the product you mention, I only haven't tried 2, the EOS Lip ball and Jordana Fabu-liner. x

    1. The Fabu-liner was a gift from a friend. I saw one day how her eyeliner was so black and never smudged I asked her. Unfortunately I have to wait till she goes to the states for it because in Canada we don't have Jordana products. I just get her to stock up on them for the both of us. E.S.O ball is my fav because I have really bad chapped lips that I have doctor medicated balm for them, it was the first lip balm I used for months that actually had the same results as my stuff I got from my doctor