Monday, 16 April 2012

Review on Fresh - Sugar products !!

Hello Beauties !!!

 I told you guys that I would bring you a review for the FRESH - Sugar lip products, so here it is I wore them both for a 2 weeks time. Sephora handed me this mini set for my birthday gift, I was kind of happy about this because I wanted to try this before on spending the money. In the set I got Sugar lip treatment in SPF 15 with the Rosé tinted lip treatment also in SPF 15. The quality of this product is out standing it holds up very well, feels great on your lips never felt heavy. The thing I loved the most about the both products was they both had SPF there isn’t to many tinted lip balms with SPF 15.

The regular lip treatment was great to wear under lip gloss or lipstick it created a perfect canvas for what you were going to stick on top of the product. It added some sheen but not as much as a clear gloss, it was more if you put Vaseline on your lips. I found that with really bad chapped lips all the time, this was a great product to wear to bed. My lips didn’t hurt or burn in the morning so I just now keep putting it on at night. The Rosé was great when I was running out the door and I didn't want to wear gloss or lipstick. It gave me a nice rosy hue to my lips it wasn’t to berry red that I was worried about the transfer on my teeth. So I hope that you enjoy these products like I did. 

Sugar tinted in Rose 
Sugar- Fresh ( plane )

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