Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Keep those tootsies in good shape

Well guys seeing that it is getting into the summer weather. Not only do you have to keep you body and hands moisturized but you have to keep your feet in good shape too. So today I'm gonna give you the products that I use to get my feet all ready for the summer days. 
Pumice bars are a good way to help keep your rough skin at bay.  Great  for any rough skin elbow's and  hands. 

Great smell,  gritty but with the pumice stone works great. A little goes along way,  I've had mine for 4  months
and haven't hit the bottom yet. I use it every other weekend, to get all the dead skin from long days off my feet. 

THIS IS MY FAVORITE !!! Soo soothing and I have really bad cracked heels. Keeps my heels at bay when I
don't use the scrub and the pumice stone. 
These socks are infused with aloe, they are great to load up the lotion on your feet than go to bed.
They let your feet breath and they keep the lotion from rubbing off on everything, you can go through your day around the house. Keep your feet soft and supple. 
About products :: 
For Mr. Pumice website to check out other great products :: http://mrpumice.com/
Freeman Beauty Products :: http://www.freemanbeauty.com/
:: For the socks, I got mine at walmart  also you can get at walgreens

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