Thursday, 8 March 2012

Clean and Clear body wash

Well here is the deal I've never had body acne ever in my teens  nor in my adult life. Even though this product is for the young adults / teens out there, but its such a great product that anyone cane use.  I've been using this product for two weeks now  and I've not had a problem with it, I found the blue and pink little two  sweet for the morning shower. I bought the Boost bottle ( Mango and Papaya)  it's bright and citrus is great for the  morning shower.  The little beads in the gel is a great little scrub its not as good as an body scrub, they worked well enough to give you a little scrub.  I've used a puff  and it lathers really well, also I've just used it in my hands and I got the same result.    So if you want just a great body wash I would recommend this one  highly  it's also a great  2 in 1 kinda deal you get great skin and you smell amazing.

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