Friday, 27 January 2012

Those lovely locks

This is kinda over due but I actually had to think about my hair care products. I  try to switch it up that don't use the same products because they will weigh down my hair, because my hair is so fine.    I also will give you my products that I use to keep my hair healthy when I straighten my hair every single day. One of the products that I use is the Nexxus hydrating deep conditioner every other week, because I don't condition my hair in the shower. I also put the products I use in order of use  for you so it is easier to keep up. The two that I 'm gonna talk about is Redken outshine; what it does is help with fly aways and those loose hair that doesn't like to cor-operate with you. Also the Guardian angel heat protection spray, this helps with the blow dryer and flat irons, also they have a different heat levels for different heat tools as well. I get the highest setting of heat they carry in the store that way it carries all the heat tools I use  in my hair. I just use 2-3  sprays of it in my hair than take a wide tooth comb and make sure it's coating all of my hair.Than I continue with my straighter or other heating tools. I hope this helps if you have any questions please leave me a comment and I'll try to help you out  as best as I can.
Senescience Volume Shampoo
Nexxus: Hydrating Deep Conditioner 

Got2be Guardian Angel :  Heat protection for 425 degrees. 
Chi hair straighter 
Redken  Outshine 
Rusk Flex hairspray

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