Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lip products that you might want to get your hands on !!

For those your like bang for you buck. I find you have to keep applying these through out the day . But if you are in a rush and you want something to throw on quick its a great staple to any purse or pocket. 

This is my go to in the spring it gives you enough pink/red hue .  Its also better than the original product that I fined that doesn't go on smooth as this product 

As a cult favorite this lip balm will always be my Go-to. As it buttery and long lasting lip balm its a great. Also the ball packaging makes finding in your purse that much simpler. The flavors are great and not to over powering smelling, also if you don't like the " ball " they also come in the old stick form as well.  

These are new for this year and they work just as well as the E.O.S balm.  I just have the clear one and i love it just to put under a lip gloss and or lipstick. The hues just give you enough color but not as much as a tint or a lipstick would. 

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