Saturday, 21 January 2012

dry weather = dry skin .....

As the winter months approach or you are having fun in the sun it's always good to to give your body some uhmfff! So I am going to give you some of my tips and tricks to help your rough skin out. Any of these lotions you can get at any drug store. The salt scrub is from the body shop, I got the little travel size of the salt scrub and I liked it sooooo much that I went out and bought the big jar of it. 

Step 1 : When  Im in the shower I use my salt scrub all over my body and really work it in.  Don't use the salt everyday because it will dry out your skin more. You just want to take the layer of dead skin off your body I do it every other week.

Step 2 :  Always pick out a lotion that suites your needs  where  I live we have very dry winters so I try to pick something that will last.  

Step 3:  Apply every day! 

Africa Salt scrub in little jar ( bodyshop) 

Same African Salt Scrub in big jar 

Vaseline Extra strength therapy 
Baby lotion for those whom are sensitive 

 Nivea  Body Milk : Good for putting on right before bed 

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