Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cleansers,Scrubs,Lotion.... Ready for the day !!! also everything between !!

I know personally I had a problem with trying to figure out what face products work and not work against me and my face and skin.  With sensitive skin  I have to watch the products I've used on my face, my battle with acne through my teen/adult life has also gave me a bump in the road. With having combination to dry skin so I have to get a good moisturizer that is oil free that wont make my skin loaded with red zits. So I'm giving you the list of all the face products that I use daily and that I have as a back up to help with those days where we have acne or just day to day washing. Believe me when you have trouble with other products and it's with you face you have to be cautious. ( At the bottom of this post I will list all of the products) 

Tea Tree is great for acne and great looking skin this is my summer go to face wash.
You will have to get use to the scent of this but truly it works ! 

These are a great stick in your purse item . They don't need water,
they get everything off your face. They are great when you aren't home.

Favorite winter moisturizer it's on the thicker side
and creamy with the SPF of 15-20. 

Small grain of scrub good for everyday use, other than the Deep Clean which I use every other week.  
My summer face lotion. Thinner Product  still hydrating  with the SPF 15 
FAVORITE !! scrub smells peachy with bigger
size beads gets all of the dead skin off. 

They are a great tool before deep washing your face taking off the stubborn eyeliners and mascaras.
To be honest when I'm lazy to wash my face I use these. They get everything off my face
and it's quick and easy. 
This is my NEW favorite face wash! Got as a sample at sephora fell in love with the creamyness and how well it got the job of cleaning my face at the end of the night . 
 ( From the top ) 

Body Shop Tea Tree line :   ( Also the toner is a good buy ) 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin :  SPF 15 face Lotion comes in a wide range of skin types 

Olay Daily Facials  EXPRESS !!  ( No WATER NEEDED ) 

Aveeno Essentials  daily scrub 

Garnier Moisture Rescue:  Lightweight SPF 15 ; also their is a gel jar form as well. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub 

Neutrogena  make-up remover  wipes

Olay Daily Facials

Philosophy Purity made simple.  

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