Friday, 20 January 2012

Brush!!!! and what you need to know.

I know when I first started out this was very useful to me. Was how to clean you make up brushes  the easy way. These are just a view picture of my brushes that I own, ( note :  not all my collection of brushes )  I found that my eco tools collection cleans up the  nicest and stays to form for the money they are. I have high end brushes to cheapo and these are along with my ecotools, sephora collection dome crease brushes are my favorite to have and own.  I will give you the steps which I do to clean them and give you the list of products on which I use also.  
Ecotools: Angled brushe great for gel eyeliner 

Ecotools bamboo 6 piece: I love these for travel because it comes with their own case. 

-  Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo ( yellow bottle ) 
-  Paper towel  ( 2 sheets ) 
-   Sink with running water!!!

Step 1 - take one sheet of paper towel and fold it in half than half again so you have a square . 
than put a small " dime " size of baby shampoo on one of the corners.

Step 2 -  Get all your brushes and dip one at a time in the shampoo and than pick a spot on the paper towel  and do little circles on the paper towel  in different spots for different brushes till it becomes clean and less shadow comes off on the paper towel. 

Step 3 -   Take all your brushes to the sink closest and run the with the heads of the brushes downward.  ( Don't want the water to get underneath the metal and the wood .)  Than take that other piece of paper towel and just do circles on the paper towel to get the excess of the shadow that leaves when the brushes become wet and you think you have gotten all of the shampoo out of the brushes. 

Step 4 - On that same paper towel that you used to wipe off the excess color, fold in half and put in a spot where your can leave your brushes flat to dry. Over night is better to let them dry completely. 

Your DONE!!!! 

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