Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bright Bold Lines !!!!!!!!

A Long lasting eyeliner is a BIG thing, how long it last and how pigmented it is to last you through the day. I did a range of products from low end to high end in price range. Also I did they them all mostly Black because it's was easier to get an idea.  All of these products I have used or used on other people, they are all great products and will always switch it up never will stick to one product. My preference though are pencils and felt tip liquid eyeliners I find that they are easier and more forgiving to use. I love gel eyeliner because it's simple to smudge out for that smokey look and the easy removal at the end of the night. 

M.A.C Kohl power eyeliner in Smolder 

Maybeline gel eyeliner pot in Blackest Black 

Urban Decays 24/7 pencil form 

Revlon Color Stay felt tip also in Blackest Black 

Urban Decay's 24/7 liquid eyeliner 

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