Monday, 22 August 2011

Last Episode of ER

The last rounds in the ER

For the past 15 years we have let the men and women of County General come into our lives. We have seen their hectic work hours and the lack of sleep they are running on to save a life. 
   For me it was a hard April 2nd to watch the clock hit 11 and the show was over for the very last time. I’ve been watching ER since I was four years old and for the past 16 years I can't think of any other show that I never got tired of watching and never got board of the cast members like Dr. Green, Dr. Ross, Morris and Lockhart walk through the doors. It was one of those shows that your really couldn't have a favourite too, the cast was so different from any other cast on night time TV they showed a side of every cast member that they make mistakes, they get freaked out to the point they ask themselves if they can still do it the next day or for the rest of their lives. In every show they have to kill off some characters, or they found other jobs at other hospitals other than County or raising their families. 
 We saw Dr.Romano get his hand chopped off from the blades of the helicopter, he was standing outside of the County and than he looked up and got squished by the helicopter that fell out of the sky. We saw Dr. Pratt slowly slip away from the ambulance accident, everyone helped out trying to make Pratt live but than you saw the tear roll down his face and you knew it was the end of his character. We go back to 1994-2002 when Dr. Green was Chief Resident and ruling the floors and saving as many people as he could. Got divorced from his first wife due to the workload. Then fell in love with Dr. Elizabeth Coraday and than had Green 2nd child Ella, than finds out he has a brain tumor that ends his character. We have grown a lot with some of the characters in a way that only the people that watch ER could understand to the fullest. A good example of a character that has grown since the show started is Dr. Rasqotra, we got to know her as the intern that was the men-tee and that was just learning the ropes of ER surgery, by the time she left the show and there was only 2 more episodes till the end she was the mentor helping out new residence that were coming into the same field. 
  The last episode was very well done, even though I did cry like a baby I wouldn't change the ending of it at all.It kinda minic the very first episode,them all waiting for the ambulances to arrive with people from a factory explosion. The only differnce was some characters still there and some that have left.What kinda made me smile and think wow that was a great ending is when Dr.Carter was standing there with Dr.Green first daughter Rachele and Carter said " You comin' Dr.Green. That part was bitter sweet because Dr.Carter was an resident under Green knowledge to help Carter become a doctor. It will be a show that I  always will remember.

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