Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Live Clean- Moisturzing body wash


Hey ladies I'm talking about the Live Clean products they are the best I find in a drug store. They have 7 body washs and so far I've only have used 2 this one and another scent, loved that scent so much that picked this up and waited to use it. This is the link to my first thoughts on this product company and my veiws on the first bottle that I tried from them. Since that I can say everything stays the same and I love how it makes my skin feel in and out of the shower, never had a body wash so hydrating and that doesn't make my senstive skin worse or make it act up. 


 The creamy-ness and silky soft formual 
Smells amazing smells like a tropical beach ! 
Great amount in one bottle (500ml)
Canadian product
Makes your skin so soft after the shower
Lathers up very nicely 
No Harsh chemicals 
Cruelty free 
Paraben Free
Sulfate Fee 
SLS free


Nothing I love their products 

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

News !! and a Brand insight


Sorry that I've been so MIA lately but this is why, so labor day weekend we added 2 new members to our family! We had Angel previously and we decided to give her some new friends, she isn't happy with us but she is coming around slowly. Little back story Angel had a brother Milo but 3 years ago we had to put him down because he got sick after we moved. Angel is 14 girl who is full of sass and is legit a grump. 

So now that we have 3 kitties our old lady her own personal food was getting eaten by the little ones all the time, and we just needed 1 food to feed all 3. We didn't have to worry about the wet food as much because my old lady gag's on sight of wet food-and won't go near the stuff at all. We just need t to figure out one brand of cat food that was the dry kibble for all 3 furbabies. So I did some research online and Facebook I'm part of a ragdoll group on FB and asked about all stages cat food. One nice kind lady suggested Orijens' (cat/dog food ) who also makes Acana food if you have furbabies. So after reading the website and liking everything that  I read on each of their flavors and read through the FAQ section and did my research on reviews on other pet sites as well. I checked out their contact us section was great they had a chat so I just went that route and asked nicely if they did samples. The lovely lady at Origins on chat support was amazing and understanding and would be happy to send a sample. Why I wanted samples is because didn't know if our older cat was going to like to be switched she has been on the same food for about 4 years now. I didn't want to buy a huge bag and her not like it and back at the beginning trying to find food for all 3 kitties. 

So I messaged them on Wednesday I got the package by Friday, when I went to pick up the package it was huge! So when I got home to open-it there were 6 bags** of their flavors they produce for their cat line and the shirt. So since the food was such a hit we also picked up their freeze-dried kitty treats which everyone loves as well! To be honest with all of you I was just expecting one bag of food and a shirt because they lady said she was throwing in the shirt for me, I wasn't truly expecting 6 bags of food samples. The biggest thing that as a family with furbabies that this brand is made in Canada !!! The only thing we wish the bags had was a ziplock system, but it's not too upsetting we are using a clip to keep the freshness. 

** ( I know there is only 5 in the picture my mom by mistake throughout the bag of the other Kitten/Cat flavor )

Huge thank you to Origen's !! From all of us in our household!!   

PR Samples
We got 2 Tundra's 1 fish 1 Regional and 2 cat/kitten and a tshirt

Monday, 24 September 2018

A&G- Firewall


Seeing that I've been dying my hair since a teen and using heat tools on my hair for a long period of time. Thought I should look into a heat protector that wasn't from the drug store, now that I'm blonde needed a little more protection. So I went to the BSO ( Beauty Supply Outlet ) and chatted with the ladies and they said this was the best one so far that was Cruelty-Free and or vegan. I was excited because I had their purple shampoo and I love it so there wasn't' any doubt that this was a bad product. So now using it within 3 months OMG best heat protector I've used and I've used a lot from the drug store and nothing has come close. I have very fine hair and all seem to leave my hair tacky or so oily that it just looks gross and I can't wait to wash it out. The first time I used it I totally used way too much, but the 2nd time I used it I did the good old  tiny sprays in sections of my hair than wide-toothed/ or used my fingertips to even it out. The mist is so fine that you only need that one little spray on each side of the sections and run it through and you good, you think you didn't get a good even coating ... but you did this is how I overdid it the last time. I went in at it like it was the pump heat protectors in the drug store and it's not it's like a very fine spray like of hairspray it gets everywhere! 

What are some of your favorite heat protectors that you have used? or do you use one? 


Smells so good 
Fine spray covers a good section 
Cruelty-Free and Vegan* 
Argan oil for a great shine
Protects your hair from your heat styling tools 
Works well with my iron and curling wand
Makes your hair super soft and shiny but not tacky 
Doesn't weigh down my fine hair 
Keeps fly-aways at bay once your flat iron your hair 
Can be found or ordered for you at any salon ( I know some will do this for you if you ask) and at BSO or online.

*If you are looking into A&G products their FAQ section for more info on certain products 


Too much on fine hair is a little overpowering, made my hair feel gross