Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Mascara's I would buy again


So I broke down all the mascara's I would go out and buy again, with no hesitation. These stand up to cold and warm days, and even concert goings in small warm venus. All these mascaras are all Cruelty-free ( I use parent companies) and they don't flake or smudge. So I hope you enjoy my little selection what are some of yours you always go pick up. 

Pür Cosmetics' - Fully Charged 
This I got as a sample from an Ipsy Bag to try out before this never looked at the product line before. I knew about and where to get it, there is only one store in Canada that sells it and that's our Shoppers Drugmart. Out of all these mascara's it is the most pricy it's $28 CAN. The reason why I would get this one again is the fact that it makes my lashes look like I have false ones on. I've got pretty great lashes don't need all that much volume or length but I need the more the fullness and this one gives me just that. The wand is not too big for my little eyes and is a great texture of a formula. 

Marcelle - Xtension Plus + prolash ( Growth complex) 
This stuff I got in a Christmas combo bag when they went on sale after Christmas time. All around great mascara' that helps with the look of your lashes in 2 weeks. I notice that they looked healthy and full when using this mascara as well. I like this mascara got nothing bad to say about the formula at all, the wand I had some getting used to because it's a little bendy and the bristles are a soft plastic if that makes sense. Which works amazing because it bends with the contour of your lashes and separates wonderfully.

Essense Princess Lash in Volume 
This one for the price point is amazing it does everything I want it todo. Since going to Cruelty-Free and getting rid of my beloved Cover Girl (Lash Blast) mascara's this one was the closest in a formula that I was used to using.  For more info and depth I did a whole post on this mascara, you can go check that out below. 

Annabelle Explandable 
This was the first mascara of this type I tried, where you twist the top, and it makes the wand longer or shorter for your desired volume and length. Found the shorter I made the wand the fuller and volumized my lashes were. The longer I made it was how separated and lifted they were.  I liked how I had that customization in one mascara. The formula for this is great till I got to the end of the tube was a little too dry but before that, it's a great formula. 

Annabelle Outlash 
I purchased this after running out of my other Annabelle mascara, decided to try out all the Annabelle mascaras' out to see which one I like the most out of all the lines. Annabelle is a Canadian makeup company that is sold in our drug stores. This one is a great another mascara that works so well with my lashes and I personally love their formula. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Birthday Haul ... I know past over due


This is so over due it's not funny I'm posting this now but my birthday was in April, just been so busy and I'm going to try to get on my content a little more better.

 This year it was between Glamglow and BITE beauty products I know that Glamglow isn't CF but it was the one thing I didn't already own. They are small testers so 1-2 times the product would be finished anyway, also never really tried Glamglow and wanted to know what all the hype was. Also when I was in Sephora I got my next foundation which is the new Cover-FX  power play one ( I'm shade N20). Took me tones of samples and color matching to see which one was the best match from me, I think I tried 4 different ones and I got a sample of the Power Play twice to really make sure I liked it. It so happens on the other side across from Cover-FX is the IT Cosmetics which is brand new to our store, checking out their products was a bad idea. So found that they make a makeup cleansing balm kinda similar to Cliniques that everyone seemed to like a lot. So I hope it works as good as the oils and balms I've tried before going CF. Expect full reviews on these 2 products, later on, the thing I'm not proud of is the Glamglow thing but I'll try it and then if I don't like it it's going to a friend.

Have you tried any of these products before? or what others IT products have you used and loved?

So with that saying, I've been using these products now for 2 months and I absolutely love them. The foundation is a great one and comes in a great shade range. I still find out what works with it and doesn't but think I figured it out for the most part at least.

The IT bye bye make up is OMG where have you been all of my life, it makes taking out my makeup off so much easier and nicer than scrubbing at my face, making sure I have everything off.

NYX Lip Oil


I got this when I was sick with a cold because I thought it could help with my cracked lip issue I was having. Lord this was a life saver especially when you are sick because it sinks right in and lasts without rubbing off whenever you need to blow your nose. It's comfortable and nice to wear under lipsticks and mates, doesn't alter application either.

- $9.00 CAN
- Great applicator
- Very soothing and moisturizing
- Almond, avocado, rosehip, and jojoba oil's
- Smells of cherries and with a hint of vanilla
- Is great under lipstick or liquid lipstick
- Not oily at all soaks into your lips very fast
- Not sticky or tacky feeling at all
- Actually helps my split lips when they are really bad.
- Can be found online and in our Shoppers Drug Marts.

- Nothing I love this product I will repurchase this.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Invisalign Story # 6


Can't believe this but I'm almost done my treatment and journey on straightening my teeth. My last dentist appointment for my last set of trays was the other day, I walked out with tray 22-23. My 23rd tray is my very last one, they are thinking when I go back after to see what 22/23 has done. We will go take a look to see if I need more fine tuning, they are talking about no more than 27 trays which are nice. Rewind to trays 19-22 for those sets I got imaging done so they can take images of how everything was moving and then send them back to Invisalign. That was hard I have a small jaw/mouth and putting a huge wand with a camera all up in there was a little too much for myself, they were very nice and took their time if I needed a break and it was a lot better than doing impression molds. 

Back at it, my top teeth look amazing all in line with each other no teeth sticking out, I've never been so proud of my teeth before this and now I can say my teeth look amazing. My bottom teeth need a little more time, but they are thinking once I'm done the 23rd tray they should be in line with my top ones. If not we will just add a few more trays after I go back to the dentist. Once I'm done with my journey and no more trays, I'll just have to sleep with a tray at night to stop my teeth from shifting back to their old spots. 

I'm very happy with the process and what the outcome of my teeth have been, I will defentaly recommend this process to anyone looking into "adult" braces.