Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Hows things going


Hey guys this is so long over due but, I've been busy and if you saw my last post about my heatlth this is what I've been dealing with myself.  With my own mental health journey it's been ups and downs, and the last couple of months out of June was terrible, with my own state of mind and with how my own work is dealing as well. I'm just thankful that I have the support system that I do, not sure where I'd be with out them. I can understand why other people turn to addiction or even dealth because it isn't easy at all and I can't imagin me not having the friends/family in my corner to help.  

What I've been doing to help day-day, Ive been going to the gym 2x a day or at least 2 gym days and out for a walk or a bike ride. To keep myself busy I'm doing knitting and kinda made a side buisness as well off of it ! If you want to and you live near Ontario Canada check out my facebook, not international yet but I am thinking about it! I decided to keep you guys in the loop because I think you guys deserve it and all my readers should know. At least someone or someone in your family is dealing with some sort of anxitey and should be talked about ! 

Thank for understanding 


Monday, 10 June 2019

Where have I been.. and something NEW !!

Hey Ladies 

If you have been wondering where I've been posting this is why I've run into some mental health issues back in February just haven't had to drive to the blog, to be honest, go check out that post here  . I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety with nocturnal panic attacks, PTSD it's been a long bumpy road and nothing about it is easy. I tried to do some posts but found it just wasn't cutting my down moments needed to do something with my hands, I fell back in love with knitting. It started with doing dishcloths for Christmas and giving them to my family members and having their review on them. So I decided to do a little side job with them and so far between my friends and family I've been doing tones I have 3 jobs with multiple things I have to do with each client. So far it's helped so much with calming my mind and it has helped so much, but I'm not leaving the blog scene I'm just taking a break and doing something different. Summer is coming up and I'll have more time on my hands do so I'm off for the summer and I'll need to keep myself busy so you guys will have some content than. If you want to keep in the loop and look at what I'm doing day-day than follow me on these !!! 

This is a start of one that I'm doing for a friend !!! 

Friday, 17 May 2019

Cake ~ The 'Do Gooder' Dry shampoo


Wanted to try this product for a while now and just had so many other dry shampoos in the line up that never got out an bought a can. But I won a set at a stag and doe for a friends wedding and this was in it I was so happy. Not only did I get the dry shampoo I also go their dry conditioner and their texture spray. I'm not one for the conditioner and yet to try it but their texture spray is decent, will have a review on that coming up as well.  I've known about cake beauty for a while because it's been on the market with their other body care products. Recently they have been expanding their lines lately and I'm excited because they are local and cruelty-free/vegan! 


Cruelty-Free and Vegan
Smells like baked goods
Shoppers, I think right now is the only place that carries this
Cornstarch rather than talcum powder
No White cast
Fine sprayer great to get in your roots
No gross dry shampoo feeling left on your hair


Nothing this stuff is amazing!