Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Veggie Packed Tomato Sauce Recipe


Decided to share with you the easy pasta sauce that I make, it's quick and simple. If you have time to make it the night before the flavors just come out more and are just as tasty if you make it on the fly. This sauce is very forgiving so you can add any veggies or spices you prefer even what pasta sauce you like too.  Bare with this recipe I had to break it all down for you guys, I don't measure anything so bare with that I go by eye and I taste along the way to see what it needs to start off small and if you need more it's simple to adjust   

What you will need: 

- Jar of tomato sauce of your liking I like depending what is on sale that day 
- Can of stewed or crushed  tomatoes with spices or without *
- Tomato Paste in a can or the tube *
- 4 Garlic 
- 6 Mushrooms 
-  1 Carrot or a handful of baby ones 
- 2 stalks  Celery 
- Onion or shallots ( small   and it doesn't matter what color ) 
- 1/2 Zucchini  

* Also a trick which I do if I don't use the full cans. I put in freezer storage bags and put flat in the freezer and just break off pieces that I need in recipes. 

Spices : 

- Thyme 
- Italian seasoning 
- Black Pepper
- Red Pepper Flakes
- Nutritional Yeast 
- Oregano

Step One: 

~ Prep all veggies by cutting them into chunks/small dice have them a good size because if they are too small they will just melt into the sauce and you won't have texture. Carrots, celery, garlic, and onion go into a pot with a turn of the pan with oil. Let this sweat out till your veggies a little cooked and onion has started to get translucent and you can smell the garlic. 

Step Two:

~  I had stewed tomatoes and the paste in the freezer so I just broke off a couple of pieces and through those into the pan and let them melt. If you're using from the can use 1/3 of the can of the stewed and use about a good tablespoonful. I also try to find the crushed or stewed tomatoes with the seasoning in the can, just adds a little more flavor.

Step Three :

~ Put all your spices in, once you can smell them add your jarred sauce. I do about 1/2 and 1/2 I tend to have 2 jars on the go and I like the two different flavors it can give. If you don't and only have one jar that's fine with the stewed tomatoes and you can do 1/2 and a bit of the jar. 

Step Four:

~ Let it all simmer for about 10-15 min stirring occasionally than once that has happened add your mushrooms if you choose. I do it near the end so they don't waste away in the sauce, I also make sure they are a good chunk to them as well. If you choose other veggies like broccoli or bell pepper I would also add those at this time as well so they won't fade away. 

Step Five:

~ Let simmer for another 20 min or until mushrooms or other veggies are cooked through. Keep stirring on occasion so it doesn't burn to the bottom of your pan/pot. Turn off heat and let it stand till it's cool enough before transferring it to a container. This sauce is easy to freeze too so take as much as you need for meals than freeze the rest. I tend to get about 3 meals with using the 1/2 jar method if you use the whole jar for a family of 4 just store it in an airtight container. It lasts about 4-5 days in the fridge if you don't freeze the extra. 


~ If you choose to you can add ground beef/turkey or a meat alturnative, I tend to use meat alturnative I wait till I'm re-heating the sauce to add the " fake " meat. If you are adding beef I would brown it than add when you are adding the tomato paste. If you are adding meat to your sauce, just remember it just wont last as long in the fridge. 


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Avalon Organics - Shampoos'


When it came to Cruelty-Free I had to look into my shampoo's, which was the easy part but then I remembered I used a dandruff shampoo to help my flakey head/scalp so I had to look at alternatives to my past shampoo. I went to the internet for some help and they all recommended Avalon dandruff shampoo and so glad they did because it's awesome. Then fell in love with that stuff and saw one day their shampoos were on sale so I picked up another one. So down below I broke each shampoo down for you guys! Have you used any other products from them if so leave me a comment !! 

Medicated Anti- Dandruff Shampoo 2% salicylic acid:  First off I was very skeptic on how well this would work compared to old Head & Shoulders before switching to Cruelty-free products. Let me tell you this works better and is much nicer on your hair and everything else as well.  This stuff I find works better on your skelp and doesn't dry out your hair like H&S use to do for me. If you have treated hair or over-processed hair, H&S isn't the greatest and actually can make color fade a lot faster. Found this stuff very nourishing to my hair and my hair is soft and shiny healthy looking. Within the few months of using it twice a week on my hair and focusing it on my skelp and letting it sit for the 2-3 min in the shower, really started to notice a difference in the first month. When I used H&S for the same amount of time never really notice a difference in my skelp. 

No harsh Sulfates *  
No synthetic fragrances or colors
Parabens, Phthalates Free
Vegan/ Cruelty-Free 
Certified Organic 
14 oz (414 ml)

Side Note: The list above covers all their product line.

* Contains no ethoxylate-based or purified sulfates known to have high skin irritation potential

Rosemary Volume Shampoo: This stuff as far as volumizing without weighing my thin hair down or make it look greasy.  This is the right stuff for you! I love it and even compared to my volume salon shampoo this stuff is so light but giving me the lift and body I like just like my salon shampoo. My hair feels super soft and looks healthy and has that nice clean feeling to it for a while. One thing I do like about both of these products is you don't need a lot to get the job done, I use a size of a toonie and that works just great for me mind you I'm petite with a little head.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Mascara's I would buy again


So I broke down all the mascara's I would go out and buy again, with no hesitation. These stand up to cold and warm days, and even concert goings in small warm venus. All these mascaras are all Cruelty-free ( I use parent companies) and they don't flake or smudge. So I hope you enjoy my little selection what are some of yours you always go pick up. 

Pür Cosmetics' - Fully Charged 
This I got as a sample from an Ipsy Bag to try out before this never looked at the product line before. I knew about and where to get it, there is only one store in Canada that sells it and that's our Shoppers Drugmart. Out of all these mascara's it is the most pricy it's $28 CAN. The reason why I would get this one again is the fact that it makes my lashes look like I have false ones on. I've got pretty great lashes don't need all that much volume or length but I need the more the fullness and this one gives me just that. The wand is not too big for my little eyes and is a great texture of a formula. 

Marcelle - Xtension Plus + prolash ( Growth complex) 
This stuff I got in a Christmas combo bag when they went on sale after Christmas time. All around great mascara' that helps with the look of your lashes in 2 weeks. I notice that they looked healthy and full when using this mascara as well. I like this mascara got nothing bad to say about the formula at all, the wand I had some getting used to because it's a little bendy and the bristles are a soft plastic if that makes sense. Which works amazing because it bends with the contour of your lashes and separates wonderfully.

Essense Princess Lash in Volume 
This one for the price point is amazing it does everything I want it todo. Since going to Cruelty-Free and getting rid of my beloved Cover Girl (Lash Blast) mascara's this one was the closest in a formula that I was used to using.  For more info and depth I did a whole post on this mascara, you can go check that out below. 

Annabelle Explandable 
This was the first mascara of this type I tried, where you twist the top, and it makes the wand longer or shorter for your desired volume and length. Found the shorter I made the wand the fuller and volumized my lashes were. The longer I made it was how separated and lifted they were.  I liked how I had that customization in one mascara. The formula for this is great till I got to the end of the tube was a little too dry but before that, it's a great formula. 

Annabelle Outlash 
I purchased this after running out of my other Annabelle mascara, decided to try out all the Annabelle mascaras' out to see which one I like the most out of all the lines. Annabelle is a Canadian makeup company that is sold in our drug stores. This one is a great another mascara that works so well with my lashes and I personally love their formula.