Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Avons' Skin so Soft body was gel


Since we have been in the apartment we have the opportunity to get Avon, for the year we have been here we have maybe got a dozen books so far. Most of the catalogs my mom and I have purchased  something out of them. Our Avon seller is pretty good she does 3 dates where we can order things from her so you not in a rush.  In the Skin so Soft line in body washes they have 3 different types you can choose from, each has it's own skin concern.  

One thing I love about Avon is their promotions, they always have great deals. Rather it be buy one get one free or buy 2 and get another one for free. These in this booklet promotion is $2.99 CAN, so if you want to try them this month this is the time to do it. 

The Original ( green ribbon)*

 This scent of this brings me back as a child, my mom use to get bug-replant from them back in the day. The smell of this just brought everything back and I love it, it is a defiantly a different musky scent. 

- Lathers Great 
- Very Light weight 
-  Moisturizing 
- Works good also to shave your legs
- I do about a loonie size amount
- $6.00 CAN 

Radiant Moisture (yellow ribbon)* 

- Locks in the moisture 
- Skin is very soft even a few days after 
-  Find this a little thicker gel than the Original version
- Sweeter musky scent 
- Lathers very well with a small amount 
-$ 6.00 CAN

* They both have hooks on the top, so you can hang it up in the shower 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Nike Outlet Store ~ Indy Sports Bra - Product look


Before buying running shoes for work never wore Nike before, so glad I got into the brand they make amazing products. With my job as before and after school care provider, along with the walking as my work out from time to time. I can just get away with a low impact sports bra, don't need anything heavy duty also because I'm also small chested.  I got one to start when I went in for shoes for work and saw they had nice sports bra's, I'm glad I went back and got more because they are my favourite sports bra I've ever worn. What are your favourite sports bra's that you maybe wear or do a work out in ?  

Pro's :

Light weight very breathable
Keeps the girls in check 
Padding is removable and straps adjust nicely 
Razor back is a mesh material very airy 
Comes in great styles and colors
One retail with instore outlet price at $38 CAN I also got them lower with an instore credit. 
Retail online or other stores  for $48-50 CAN
Most comfortable sports bra I've ever wore
The V plunge line is great if you wear V neck t-shirts 
Well made I've had mine now for 4 months and still in great condition
I hand wash mine so I get more life out of them 

Con's :  

Little difficult to take off specially when sweaty 
Little sweaty around band part when really hot outside 

Wish :

Wish the band was mesh like the back too find when hot it sweats but I can live 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wet-N-Wild Blush in - Mellow Wine


Took me a while but I finally got my hands on this, now that I've been using this for 3 months now. Thought it was a fare trail with this product that I heard so many great things about, can't get enough of this product

 I just hope when I get to Walmart they have other shades, because every time I go there is only one or 3 shades to choose from. Which there was more selection of our Wet and Wild in our stores in Canada, find that if you are looking for that one shade than it's better to go online and order. As for the formulation of this stuff, it's amazing it's not powdery at all it blends great. I use a ELF blush brush with it I find thats the best way to apply or any blush brush you got. If your looking for a good blush for the summer time, than I would recommending this one in your collections. 


- Pan is a good size 
- Don't need to much product to get the job done, but is buildable for the coverage you'd like
- Cruelty free 100%
- Drug store's and Walmart 
- Not powdery at all very smooth texture 
- Blends  out very well 
- Doesn't stick to dry patches
- Very pigmented
- Online runs around $2.99 USA


- The only thing I say bad about this product, and it's not the product itself its the stalk at the stores. I was very lucky to get my hands on this at my local Walmart, they have normally about 2-4 blushes in the Wet N Wild section at a time. Either I miss the stalk or they don't get it as much as other brands.