Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Raw sugar ~ Bodywash - Lemon sugar


Hey, ladies if you live in Canada I got this stuff from the US from the last time my parents went down, I made my mom a list of things I wanted to try. I noticed this on the Targets' site that it was natural and cruelty-free and I thought why not try it!! One thing I loved that we don't see here in Canada is how large this body wash is like I can probably put it back in the cupboard after the summer and still have tones for next spring! 

Smells amazing I love the lemon citrus scent it's so refreshing
For every product sold they donate a bar of soap to people in need
Their bottles are made out of 25% reused plastic
Their products are all made out of sustainable products
No Sulfates.
No Parabens.
No Phthalates.

Tie: The large size of the bottle it's 25 oz

Con's: Find a little drying to my skin, but I've used worse. Those days when it's on the dryer side I just use a moisturizer after.

Monday, 30 July 2018

The blogs I love reading and checking out


Hey, guys decided to switch it up for you guys, I managed to put together a list of people and their blogs that I highly recommend and I personally read and keep up weekly.

These are the blogs that I read all the time and I get most of my info and stay up to date especially when it comes down to being cruelty-free. I even put in some lifestyle and cooking blogs, because eh let's face it sometimes we need helping with new recipes and not eating the same things. Well, I hope you enjoy my little list of blogs I read on the daily !! Also, all these blogs and members can be found on Bloglovin.

Beauty/makeup :

https://mybeautybunny.com *
https://logicalharmony.net *

* The 2 blogs that are great for info for Cruelty-Free and Vegan and my go-to for everything !!!

Food/Drink and Lifestyle ! :


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Kiss My Face - Body wash in Lavender and lily


In the summer and to be honest, all year round, my Mom and I have an issue with having dry skin.  We have been bouncing back and forth with body washes for a while now trying to find one that will work and not make our skin worse within a few days. Some work for a couple of weeks and then you start to get the scaly skin around week 2, just want to find something that works. Think we found one that actually works well on our skin and doesn't dry out our skin. So on a whim, we decided to try out Kiss My Face body wash because I love their shaving cream and why not at this point we had nothing to lose. This stuff is so moisturizing and leaves your skin silky smooth even after the first week, don't have a scaly feeling even with lotion it holds the moisturizer very well.

- lathers up quite well even with a puff 
- smells alright  ( I don't like lavender at all)
- 473 ml of product, you get a good sized amount 
- Cruelty-Free and vegan-friendly 
- paraben free & phthalate free
- no artificial fragrances
-  gluten-free ingredients   

- Nothing I love this body wash