Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Lush's - It's raining men body wash


I've used Lush shower gels before but never this one so thought it was about time I tried it out for myself. Even with trying them back in the day, thought another go would be fair and should try them out again. One thing I did forget about these body washes from Lush is how wonderful they make your skin feel. The formula is very creamy and moisturizing and doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin. One thing after using this for a month and a half now, that these body washes don't dry me out as much as drugstore kinds. If you want the extra luxury feeling to your body I use in hand with Lush's Charity  Pot lotion.


-Very hydrating while in and out the shower/bath
-Smells like fresh honey/citrus
-Comes in different sizes ~ -$9.95 for the small size and around $32 CAN for the large bottle
-Cruelty free
-Small amount goes a long way I use a toonie size amount
- Works in combo with any moisturizer for extra hydration


-The only shower gel in Lushe's line that isn't vegan

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Diva Cup - my first thoughts


Well decided to try something different out, since I got a big irritation to traditional pads/tampons. So I went out and got one of those Diva Cups to give them a go, and see what it could do for me. Let me tell you it takes time to use one of these things when I first tried it I panicked, and it makes it so much harder to use one. So I gave me some time and then tried again, and it worked and it was something to get used to. When I went to remove it I heard doing it in the shower was the best way to remove it, and it still gave me some troubles but once I broke the seal it was simple to remove. So with every period I get, I'm at least going to keep trying, even if it's just for a day or so.

Things you need to know : 

- Take out in the shower it's a lot easier and if blood creeps you out at least your in the shower.
- Get the Diva wash so you can clean it
- Don't worry it's not stuck up there even though it's pretty far up there.
- Little hard to get used to it's probably going to take a few periods to get it down, to where I'm comfortable.


- 12 hr protection and if you have it in right you have no leaks
- Safe for the environment
- No waste left behind/ eco-friendly
- Can learn more about your body/period
- Come's with a little pouch so you can protect it and conceal it
- Great for travel or if you do a lot of camping
- Can be found at any drug store/Walmart and even some grocery stores.
- Comes in model 1 or 2
- Made out of surgical silicone
- Their website is very helpful also their other social media platforms.


- It is expensive it runs $37.97 approx. CAN but when you think about how much you spend on pads/tampons, this is nothing.


- Takes a long time to figure how to get it up there and remove it
- It's a little messy/ well it can be
- Not as quick as tampons and pads

Model 1:  Recommended for women under the age of 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by cesarean section.

Model 2: For women age 30 and over and/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by cesarean section.

Monday, 9 October 2017

CoverFX Illuminating setting spray in 1oz


Got the Cover FX Illuminating setting spray in the 1oz bottle, with an online purchase I did on Sephora. Wanted to try it out also it was the right amount to get me free shipping! Wanted this to spray my brushes to use eyeshadows that gave me a stubborn time. Packing on tricky eye-shadows it works great and it does what I need it to do especially with sparkly shadow. As far the illuminating don't really notice a difference on my skin. One thing I do like is spraying it after I'm done all my powder's, just soaks up everything and doesn't give me that powdered look. I've used it for a full month now and I'll say I like it, will I get a full bottle of it not to sure wouldn't mind trying another brand first before buying a full big bottle.


- This spray is a very fine spritz
- Didn't notice a smell
- Soaked up all the powder on my skin
- Makes eyeshadows pop when using it with stubborn ones
- Made my highlight pop especially on the pearl undertones
- It's great with glittery or high fall out shadows, it packs the color on good.
-  Vegan and Cruelty-Free
- Clinically tested
- Free of fragrance
- Gluten free
 - Mineral oil, and talc free


- Didn't feel like it really gave me an illuminating glow at all.